Taj Mahal Hotel Haunted

The Taj Mahal Hotel haunted is the most distinguished address within the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, Mumbai. It was originally designed by the architect W.A. Chambers. He was able to do a great job of blending together old-world grace and charm with contemporary amenities and comfort inside of this 560 rooms luxury hotel that includes 44 suites. Read on to learn about all the paranormal activities in the Taj Mahal Hotel haunted.

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Taj Mahal Haunted

The luxuries of this hotel aren’t the only thing that the Taj Mahal haunted is known for. Today, it’s also known for having borne the brunt of a terrorist attack of 2008. Although it’s been renovated since then, it still carries its deep rooted past with it into its future.

The Taj Mahal Hotel haunted started off on the wrong foot from the very beginning when the architect killed himself by jumping from a fifth floor balcony because the design didn’t go according to his plans. What had happened was that the blueprints were created before Chambers took a trip to France. Upon returning he was shocked to discover that the front of the hotel had been made reverse (built back to front) of what he’d designed. Today, many guests and hotel staff members have witnessed his ghost haunting that wing’s halls where he is obviously still lamenting over this mistake. He’s also been said to walk around on the roof crying at times.

Terrorist Attack on the Taj Mahal

Unfortunately, the Taj Mahal Hotel haunted was attacked by terrorists on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 when the city was under the siege of a series of such attacks. Approximately 450 people just happened to be staying there at the time and all of them were taken hostage for three days. Eventually, Indian commandos were able to kill the gunmen who had barricaded themselves within the hotel. Sadly, there were at least 167 people (including many foreigners) who were also killed. The less damaged of the areas of this hotel were able to be reopened on December 21, 2008 but the other areas of the hotel, which were more heavily damaged, were rebuilt afterwards, being reopened on India’s Independence Day (August 15) of 2010. Since then you also hear numerous stories about the ghosts of these folks still haunting the hotel, trying to escape their horrible fate at the hands of these madmen.

Taj Mahal Hotel Haunted

Taj Mahal Hotel Haunted

Taj Mahal Hotel

Located at Apollo Bunder, Mumbai, next to the Gateway of India monument, the Taj Mahal Hotel symbolizes timeless hospitality and excellent service. So, it should come as no surprise that a lot of dignitaries have stayed within the Taj Mahal Hotel haunted while visiting this part of India. The Taj Mahal Palace, as the five star hotel is properly called, consists of two distinct buildings, the traditional main building constructed in December 1903, and the Taj Mahal Tower, an additional “wing“ of the hotel, which was finished in 1973.

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