Shaniwar Wada Fort Haunted

Shaniwar Wada Fort haunted was built in the eighteenth century in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, India. This was the seat from which they ruled until losing control to the British East India Company following the third Anglo-Maratha War. In 1828 it was pretty much destroyed by a fire that couldn’t be explained. Today, the surviving structures are maintained as a tourist site. Read on below about Shaniwar Wada Fort haunted.

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Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is located in Pune. Following the city of Mumbai, this is the second largest city in India. It is known for its culture, educational institutions and jobs. People from all over India and abroad immigrate here. The Shaniwar Wada Fort is located there near the Mula-Mutha River, known as Shaniwar Wada. Note that Shaniwar Wada can also be written as one word: Shaniwarwada. The fort was constructed in the seventeen hundreds by the Maratha empire’s rulers (the Peshwas). It is a huge complex that’s completely built out of teak and stone that was brought there from the nearby jungles. Several additions were made later on including fortifying walls with bastion towers, gates and court halls, as well as fountains and reservoirs. All of this encloses a garden complex.

Shaniwar Sada Haunted

The locals will tell you legends about Shaniwar Sada haunted. In fact, a lot of the plays that are produced within the theater at Shaniwar Wada Fort are based upon this folklore. Find out why Shaniwarwada is referred to as Shaniwar Wada Fort haunted by reading the details of a murder which is causing the hauntings these days.

There is one specific section of Shaniwar Wada Fort haunted that looks orderly and which leads to passages on both sides of it that lead to the stairways. According to history, the Peshwa dynasty suffered a great deal after the Panipat War. Both their crowned prince, Vishwasrao, and his brother were killed in the war. When Shrimant Nanasahib heard of his army’s humiliating defeat, he too passed away from shock, leaving his son Madhavrao to rule. His younger brother, Raghunathrao was then appointed as a regent but because he tried to interfere with the administration he was put under house arrest. In 1772 Madhavrao’s younger brother, Narayanro, was put in charge and he released Madhavrao from house arrest.

While Narayanro was still a minor (only 13-years-old at the time) his uncle Raghunathrao became his guardian and began acting as regent within the Shaniwar Wada Fort haunted. Raghunatroa became increasingly greedy and ambitious, plotting and scheming with his wife against Narayanro. Eventually Raghunatroa asked a guard catch and bring Narayanro to him but his wife actually changed the message to kill Narayanro instead. When the prince saw them coming after him he tried to flee but was unsuccessful. Instead, his uncle stood by and watched him be killed. He was actually hacked into so many pieces that he was put into a vessel and carried through the door. Raghunatroa was given the death sentence for this and some say that you can still hear his distressed soul crying out. Many also claim that you can still hear Narayanro’s voice calling out, “Kaka, mala vachva” (“Uncle, save me”), especially around midnight on nights when there’s a new moon.

Shaniwar Wada Fort Haunted

Shaniwar Wada Fort Haunted

Note that people also search the web for this paranormal phenomena by entering Shaniwar Wada Pune haunted in the Google. This ends our article about Shaniwar Wada Fort haunted.

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