Sanjay Van Haunted

Sanjay Van haunted is located near the Qutabl Institutional Area (around Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli in South West Delhi, India). This is a vast forest that stretches for more than 784 acres (~ 3 square kilometers). It has several different access points including in Neela Hauz next to the CPWD Building; behind the International Management Institute and Rockland Hospital; and next to the TB Hospital. Check out the Sanjay Van haunted stories by reading on below.

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Sanjay Van

It is said that the Sanjay Van haunted forest is inhabited by spirits who “live” within the numerous Majaars’ houses (mausoleums for sufi and saints). There are also graves located here that are punctuated with broken, defensive walls for the Qila Rai Pithora, which was the first city to have been established within South Delhi, near the Qutab Complex. Located in this vicinity you will also find a crematorium.

Sanjay Van Haunted Stories

In this area you will find numerous graves. People claim that there are crying children there, as well as pushing and clawing noises coming from the grave sites ever since the graveyard came into existence.

One of the most notorious Sanjay Van haunted stories is that of a woman though. She will oftentimes appear to people on the road that runs through the Sanjay Van haunted forest, as well as walking through the old, winding banyan trees that are found there. They say that she’s wearing a white Sari and will ask them for a ride before she suddenly vanishes without a trace, having never actually accompanied anyone. In fact, whenever a motorist actually stops near the Sanjay Van ghost the spirit will simply disappear, or that they have actually driven right through her. There are also some Delhiites who claim that they have seen her sitting right in the middle of the road where she used her cold, stony eyes to stare either directly at them as they drove right through her or right into the forest that she inhabits. Regardless of who you talk to, they will tell you that this was actually quite a nerve wracking experience for them.

Sanjay Van Haunted

Sanjay Van Haunted

What actually happens within Sanjay Van haunted will depend upon who you talk to though. While those who have experienced this female apparition will give one’s word to you that this is a Sanjay Van haunted forest, others who haven’t experienced anything while there will swear to you that these people are making these stories up. They may even go so far as to tell you that the color of her clothes is proof since all ghosts “wear white.” If you want to know the truth for yourself, then you’ll have to take a trip to Sanjay Van so that you can find out for yourself, first hand.

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11 comments on “Sanjay Van Haunted
  1. Omkar says:

    i had been here and i did not found anything that looks haunted. It is so beautiful and a simple & good place to visit once.

  2. Amit says:

    I live in Vasant Kunj just opposite to this forest. Many time i have ventured at night near it and even at odd hours like 3am. Though i haven’t seen this woman or any ghostly apparition.

  3. Myshah says:

    Now i am deciding to visit in sanjay one…i heard alot about this place that this the most haunted place in delhi…

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