Raj Kiran Hotel Haunted

Raj Kiran Hotel haunted is located in Lonavala, Mumbai, which is part of the Pune district. This isn’t a very big hotel but it is a popular one and it is definitely cursed. There have been numerous paranormal experts who have confirmed the haunting. First look at the hotel Raj Kiran Lonavala haunted images in the slider. Then read on below to find all you want to know about the Raj Kiran Hotel haunted. It will certainly give you a shiver.

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Raj Kiran Hotel

Raj Kiran Hotel haunted has been confirmed for ghost activities by a lot of different paranormal experts. There is one specific room that is located on the ground floor behind the reception area in which the guests have reported that their bed sheets have been pulled off of them while they were sleeping at night. Even though some of these guests have woken up in the midst of this taking place, this hasn’t stopped the Raj Kiran Hotel ghosts from still continuing on with the “pranks” that they were pulling. For instance, some of the guests have said that there was a ray of blue light located at their feet.

Unfortunately, some of the people who have spent the night in this room have had to undergo mental health therapy. This is because there are some very creepy things that actually happen therein. Many of these things can be quite frightening. This is because there are also ghostly apparitions that are floating about within this room in the Raj Kiran hotel Lonavala haunted.

Although this particular room within the Raj Kiran Hotel is no longer being rented out and mainly remains vacant anymore, there are still other paranormal activities taking place. This includes everything from shadowy figures to strange mists and apparitions. Some people have even reported that both angels and demons inhabit the Raj Kiran Hotel haunted.

Hotel Raj Kiran Lonavala Haunted

Of course, it is important to understand that the hotel Raj Kiran Lonavala haunted is only one of the many different destinations that people can go to in India if they’re interested in experiencing some of the paranormal sites within the country. What makes the Raj Kiran Hotel so different is that in the past you were actually able to spend the night here and be alone within a room that’s “haunted.” This hotel is definitely one that’s been included in some of the various documentaries that have been created about haunted India to show people from around the world about the country’s horror tales and to document the paranormal activity that even this country isn’t immune from.

Raj Kiran Hotel Haunted

Raj Kiran Hotel Haunted

With the Raj Kiran Hotel haunted being located so close to Mumbai, which is India’s “dream city,” it may be hard to believe that this type of activity actually takes place. However, the magnitude of incidences that have been reported about this hotel complex simply can’t be denied. Information about it is simply growing in popularity today because there are so many outlets that are telling people what they would experience if you were to visit there.

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