Lothian Cemetery Haunted

Lothian Cemetery haunted is located on Lothian Road near Kashmiri Gate’s General Post Office in Old Delhi. You can actually get a look at this ancient British cemetery from the northeastern side of the Railway Bridge. This cemetery is home to many graves of people who belonged to Delhi’s Christian community between 1808 and 1867. Read on to learn the full story of Lothian Cemetery haunted.

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Lothian Cemetery

Upon entering Lothian Cemetery, which is actually one of Delhi’s oldest cemeteries, you’ll be taken back to the time when India was full of British people. This is where they were buried and so it definitely has a rustic ambiance to it. The distinguishing feature of this cemetery is a big, Celtic cross that was constructed to designate this as a memorial place for the many European soldiers who were killed in this area in 1747during the first battle of Independence for India (a.k.a. the Sepoy Mutiny). Many of these soldiers have remained nameless to this day but the cross is sacred to their memory.

Who’s Doing the Haunting

Most cemeteries are known for having a whole lot of ghosts walking around. This is also true of Lothian Cemetery haunted. There are actually a lot of different ghosts found within the haunted Cemetery in Lothian. One of the most popular ghosts is a headless ghost. He was originally a British soldier by the name of Nicholas Nicholson. While he was still alive Nicholas was a young soldier who was spurned by his beloved Indian lover who blew off his head. This has left him to walk around with an ugly, mangled, disfigured head. He is best seen on moonless nights when he walks around the cemetery carrying his head in his hands.

Nicholas isn’t the only apparition to haunt this cemetery, but that shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. There is also a child there who has been seen roaming around the Lothian Cemetery haunted carrying a bier as he does so. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that is known about this child and where they have come from. Nevertheless, the people who see this boy wandering around still attempt to inquire as to where his parents are.

Lothian Cemetery Haunted

Lothian Cemetery Haunted

There are also some who speak of ghosts who are actually fighting in the Lothian Cemetery haunted. This is because the British had dug the old graves open in order to claim the burial grounds as their own. Unfortunately, doing so really upset the souls of the people who were buried there already. Their souls were bound to this graveyard and now there are fights every night between the old ghosts and the British ghosts. This is similar to a property dispute but this dates back more than 200 years and thus it’s actually become quite epic today.

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  1. Vaibhav says:

    Wow!! Scary. It is giving me goosebumps. I am curious ro know dat si nicholas’ ghost is still haunting the cemetery?

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