Dumas Beach Haunted

This beach known as Dumas Beach haunted is located 13 miles southwest of Surat City, which is found in Gujarat. This is an urban beach that is famous for the fact that it has black colored sand and there’s both a Ganesh Temple and a crematorium that are located adjacent to this beach. These things add to its uniqueness and possibly its haunted phenomenon. Read on below to learn all about the Dumas Beach haunted stories.

Dumas Beach

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Some people believe there isn’t a whole lot around Dumas Beach to suggest that it is haunted. However, the locals will tell you a different “story.” They will even go so far as to tell you that the reason the beach’s sand is black is due to a supernatural presence. Tourists are especially sensitive to this phenomenon. In fact, there are actually rumors of tourists who have gone missing after walking along the beach at night.

Dumas Beach Haunted Stories

Dumas Beach haunted stories consist of people saying that they have seen a strange white figure that rises out of the water before descending back into it. There are also some people who have walked along the beach at nighttime who complain that they’ve heard strange noises that instruct them not to go by the water and to turn back instead. Some have also said that the winds here are filled with strange, hushed whispers.

Dumas Beach Haunted

Dumas Beach Haunted

Dogs are known to have a slightly wider spectrum for noise, including paranormal phenomenon. Those who own dogs here will oftentimes complain that they behave weirdly near the ocean. People also complain that dogs who live by Dumas Beach haunted bark and howl all night long. Some people even claim that their dogs have stopped them from strolling on the beach late at night while others say that they’ve been chased by the dogs in the area as they’re running away from the spirit.

The Cause of the Hauntings

You will come across a lot of people who will tell you that the reason for Dumas Beach haunted is that there’s a crematorium that is located right next to its property. Hindus are known to traditionally burn their dead on a pyre (a wooden structure upon which the body is burnt as a part of their ritual belief system). Once the body has been burnt, the ashes that remain are then immersed in water, which is why it’s so convenient for a crematorium to be located on a beach. Unfortunately, this is probably also the reason why the waters on this beach are haunted or at least this is what a lot of people will tell you. Remember, many of these very same people will also tell you that this is the reason why the sand that is located on this beach is also black in color.

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